soft blue hexagons iphone case

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soft blue hexagons iphone case

soft blue hexagons iphone case

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. "Voice over IP is going to be the next major product that we roll out," said Scott Campbell, vice president of sales for Flashcom. "I think DSL combined with voice over IP is a nice mix. It's a good extension of what we're trying to do with our client base.". Southern California-based Flashcom, a DSL provider, said it has been approached by several companies willing to test its voice-over-IP equipment. "We're definitely looking forward to it. We hope to have something ready for the marketplace by January," Campbell said.

DSL is a technology that allows data transfer rates of up to 1.5 mbps over standard copper phone lines at a comparable price to an ISDN connection, But until recently, the technology has been plagued by a lack of standards and interoperability constraints, much like cable modems, And, because of its relatively high cost, DSL technology has been targeted at businesses and the small office-home office markets, Joseph Peck, DSL product manager for Concentric Networks, said the company is carefully considering a plan to offer voice-over-IP soft blue hexagons iphone case service to its DSL customers, "We're definitely looking at it too," he said..

But Peck said the real key to making voice-over-IP useful--especially for employees who work from home--is adding equipment that extends the functions and voice mail capabilities of the PBX phone systems found in many corporate offices to telecommuters over their DSL connections. "That's the application that makes telecommuting really work," he said. "You don't want to have to dial in to the office to check your voice mail.". Peck expects some DSL providers to consider employing technology that could reroute calls to an employee's PBX-based office phone as an IP packet over DSL to their handset at home.

DSL technology has been criticized for being slow to market, But experts said providing additional soft blue hexagons iphone case services over high-speed DSL connections, such as voice-over IP, will help what has so far been a niche offering, And established computer industry leaders are beginning to take notice, Compaq Computer yesterday announced a series of initiatives to make DSL- and cable modem-ready PCs, Cisco is considering the technology as an option for its employees who telecommute, Yinpo Wong, corporate network services manager for Cisco Systems, said the company will begin offering DSL service to some of its 5,000 employees that telework "over the next couple months," but would like to add voice-over IP as well..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. Several carriers are moving toward increased use of IP as more and more data transmissions flood their networks, and voice is viewed as just another "packet" to be sent across a high-speed link. Level 3, a nascent telco building a network based on IP, worked with a consortium of companies to develop the Internet protocol device control (IPDC), while Bellcore--in conjunction with data giant Cisco Systems--combined to offer the simple gateway control protocol (SGCP).

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