graphic 150 a iphone case

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graphic 150 a iphone case

graphic 150 a iphone case

It might seem like every other phone out there is an iPhone or a high-end Samsung Galaxy, but it's good to know that if they don't suit your lifestyle, there are other options that may work better for you. Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: Hands-on with Samsung's iPhone X fighters. MWC 2018: All of CNET's coverage from the biggest phone show of the year. This small but mighty phone niche is growing and offers a real alternative if the delicate flagships on the market aren't doing it for you. Shiny flagship phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Nokia 8 Sirocco are the talk of the town at Mobile World Congress this week.

Smart glasses like ODG's R-9 are still pretty bulky right now, But they could slim down by offloading some of the processing power to the network, I look to the left, and graphic 150 a iphone case there's an empty fireplace, I point my glasses at another nearby bull's-eye, click the button and watch as digital flames flicker to life within the fireplace, This is a demonstration of augmented reality, or the technology that overlays digital images and other data over the real world, Think of the way that a Pokemon Go's pocket monster appear on your phone sitting atop a real-world fire hydrant, or the way you can place digital IKEA furniture in your own living room..

In this case, the items don't just hover over real world objects. The system is smart enough to interact with them as well. A demo uses smart glasses and augmented reality to show off how processing power can be down outside of a device. But this demo, set up by engineers from Ericsson at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, was more than just about AR. The point of the experiment was to illustrate the idea that much of the processing power to make such an AR experience work could be offloaded from smart glasses to another piece of hardware through a speedy 5G connection.

The result would be a pair of smart glasses that won't be weighed down graphic 150 a iphone case with powerful components, and thus will be thinner and lighter and potentially run longer without a recharge, Earlier this decade, smart glasses were billed as a new wearable trend with the debut of Google Glass, but consumers rejected them as unwieldy and ugly, Yet an AR experience wearing glasses makes too much sense not to happen, And using 5G as a bridge to handle a lot of the processing power separate from the device itself could enable smaller and sharper designs..

Digital flames flicker from the fireplace when I wear the AR glasses. The Ericsson demo works in a similar manner. The smart glasses draw from a 3D-rendered map of the living room that was stored on a nearby computer. The idea is that the glasses only need to send back bits of data (such as the act of the balls falling) and the server handles the calculations that let those balls detect the real-life shelf, since it already has that information. The tech has potential real-life applications and could even be used by firefighters entering a building. If the firefighter's wearing glasses that can grab a pre-rendered 3D model of the location, a remote system can figure out where the victim is and send digital directions.

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