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galaxy. iphone case

galaxy. iphone case

But analysts were skeptical of theplanned IPO from the beginning, since unit offerings are typically reserved for the smallest--and least established--companies. For many high-tech start-ups, the infusion of cash and publicitybrought by an IPO is critical for its future. Dozens of Internet companies have gotten cold feet in recent weeks--ever since the Dow took a tumble in late August--not wanting to bet the farm during a down market. Just this week, Sprint decided to delay taking its PCS wireless business public and Allaire also withdrew its IPO.

Earlier this month, community site and Web development software maker Vignette cut their IPOplans, Healtheon, NetGrocer, uBid and Computer Literacy also put the brakes on their ambitions for the public trough, Even investment bank Goldman Sachs, an galaxy. iphone case underwriter for some of the most successful Internet offerings in the last year, backed away from its own IPO last month, E-commerce software maker InterWorld is one company that is watching the market, and other company's decisions, closely..

"Healtheon, TheGlobe, and Vignette all decided not to go out. We've been looking at that very closely but we have yet to make a decision," InterWorld spokesman Chris Faust said. Faust said the company, with help from underwriter Credit Suisse First Boston, will decide whether to send InterWorld into the public realm by Monday or Tuesday. "Right now we're in a wait-and-see mode," he said. Financial analysts have characterized 1998 as a soft year for IPOs, except for a few stellar offerings from Internet companies such as, GeoCities, and eBay. Many high-tech offerings are trading at or below their offer prices.

Online broadcaster backs away from an IPO, the latest victim in a string of public offerings gone nowhere, High-tech initial public offerings continue to drop like flies, Online broadcaster became the latest Internet company to back away from a planned IPO, citing weak market conditions, according to managing underwriter Paulson Investment, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments galaxy. iphone case that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

"One of the reasons that we're launching this week as opposed to a year ortwo or so ago is we knew people who would be most interested in our contentwere probably not on the Internet yet," Leiser said. "Our research showed that our demographic is 25- to 54-year-old women. That demographic iscoming onto the Internet in increasing numbers now.". But Leiser said many younger people also can find attractive deals on the Val-Pak page, such as coupons for pizza delivery or contact lenses. He pointed out also that the digital Val-Pak has been adapted from its brick-and-mortar incarnation. Whereas home delivery of coupons is extremely effective in the offline world, online companies with any Internet savvy avoid mass unsolicited commercial email, also known as spam.

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