black marble iphone case

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black marble iphone case

black marble iphone case

Last Thursday, online brokerage firms faced a smaller spike in market traffic with the Dow falling more than 350 points, but Salmans added they had easily handled the double-digit increase in trading. Despite assurances from online brokerage firms that they had handled the increased load last week, some customers reported delays and difficulty in executing trades. One Charles Schwab user claimed he suffered delays of more than 20 minutes in logging on and another 10 minutes in executing trades. "[I had] a terribly agonizing wait as the market plummeted before my very eyes," wrote the individual in an email message. "I'm currently looking for another brokerage.".

Schwab reported that black marble iphone case they had encountered no problems last week, Amid a 500-point plunge, online brokerages say they generally managed to handle the double-digit increase in trading traffic, Online brokerage firms said they generally managed to handle the double-digit increase in trading traffic today, despite a plunge of more than 500 points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the largest single-day point drop for the Nasdaq, Brokerages such as Charles Schwab, E*Trade, and trading sites run by Quick & Reilly said they could handle the extra load, However, some sites said it took longer than usual to execute some confirmation orders--a full minute in some cases..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. TOP STORIES. Redmond getting hotter. New evidence regarding alleged Microsoft pressure on Intel may surface,along with other accusations as the DOJ and 20 states turn up the heat ontheir antitrust suit against the software giant. The Street taking another tumble. Following last week's record point decline, stock markets continue to drop,taking technology and Internet issues down with them. Could internationalcrises end the bull run?

Andersen faces Y2K suit, Seeking reimbursement for a computer system bought in 1989, a large retailclothing company is suing Andersen Consulting for Year 2000incompatibilities., TODAY'S FEATURED black marble iphone case STORIES, CNET Radio: Online three times daily at 10 a.m., 1 p.m., and 4 p.m., Why the Net ad summit matters: Tim Clark in Perspectives, Net investment still exceeds return

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