basquiat faces montage iphone case

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basquiat faces montage iphone case

basquiat faces montage iphone case

While Intelligent Scan combines both iris and facial recognition, it's only the former that Samsung considers secure enough for its most important apps. With apps like Samsung Pass, you'll have to authenticate with either the iris or a combination of iris and face, Samsung said. Your face alone isn't going to pass muster. And Intelligent Scan won't work at all with more important features like payments. To use Samsung Pay on the Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, you'll have to enter a PIN or scan your fingerprint or iris.

Ultimately, though, Intelligent Scan's not here to make the Galaxy S9's biometrics more secure -- it's to make things easier, "Unlocking my phone, if they can combine multiple techniques to make things faster, then that's great news," said Richard Hayton, chief technology officer of mobile security company Trustonic, which has worked with Samsung to enable security features like biometrics for apps including Samsung Pay, "But that doesn't basquiat faces montage iphone case mean that I have the same feelings about secure payments."Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: Hands-on with Samsung's iPhone X fighters..

MWC 2018: All of CNET's coverage from the biggest phone show of the year. An in-depth look at Samsung's new biometrics verification system -- and how it stacks up against the iPhone X’s Face ID -- shows it's not quite safe enough for mobile payments. Unlocking the Galaxy S9 might be faster -- but that doesn't mean it's more secure. Samsung's newest smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, include a new feature the company calls Intelligent Scan. The technology combines Samsung's secure iris scanner with its less-secure facial recognition unlock technology.

When Apple released the iPhone X last year, the phone's notched design was the subject of much debate, But the iPhone is not the only one to include it, and whether you like it or not, the notch may start popping up on more phones, The Essential Phone, for example, came out earlier in 2017 with its own camera cutout at the top, And Asus just announced the new ZenFone 5, which also features a notch (although Asus is quick basquiat faces montage iphone case to say that its notch is slimmer than the iPhone's), But there's more to the P20 family than just the notches, VentureBeat reports that the more premium Huawei P20 Pro may have triple-rear cameras, upping the ante from the dual-rear cameras on other phones, Meanwhile, the more affordable P20 Lite is reported to feature a rear fingerprint scanner, dual-rear cameras and an octa-core Kirin 659 processor, All three P20 phones are rumored to run Android Oreo..

Although Huawei is a major player in the global smartphone industry, it's having a rough time breaking into the US market. Major US mobile carriers like AT&T and Verizon reportedly pulled out of deals to sell Huawei's phones due to security concerns. Officials from US government agencies like the FBI and NRA have also warned buyers against using Huawei phones. But the US controversy won't slow down Huawei's plans. According to VentureBeat, Huawei is expected to announce its P20 line on March 27 in Paris.

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