v cut ballet flats

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v cut ballet flats

Children will enjoy entertainment on Courthouse Square just outside the museum and craft activities within the building. Adults will find exhibits about the use of natural resources, suburban development, ethnic experience and entrepreneurial achievement on the Peninsula from the times of the Ohlone Indian through today of interest to them. Edmund For more museum details, go to www.historysmc.org or call 650-299-0104. Attending the inspirational surfing documentary will also provide the opportunity to hear Dana Brown “Step Into Liguid” producer and writer and the son of famed surfer and filmmaker Bruce Brown, and several Mavericks pro surfers discuss their adventures in making the movie, love of the ocean, and insights into surfing the colossal waves.

• Spring Family Day takes place from 1:30 p.m, till 4:30 p.m, on Sunday at the Palo Alto Art Center, 1313 Newell Road, The free event includes a dramatic v cut ballet flats and humorous South Asian folktale with storytellers from Kitaab World, followed by a traditional Pithora painting activity led by Pragati Sharma; tree-wrapping with textile artist Eden Evans; artmaking led by teaching artists; and a dance performance and workshop with Rhythm G’s Entertainment, For more information, visit http://bit.ly/ArtDay..

Since Sweet HayaH tends toward dance music, Abuelata says she’s found ways to get the intent of her words across even if the audience is more attuned to a song’s rhythms. “As a lyricist, you can be present in every word you sing,” she adds. “Some people don’t care about the lyrics; it’s not the first thing some people connect to. I’ve totally made my peace with that.”. As a singer, she says, “At least I’m expressing myself through my voice. … My melody will always be heard.

“It’s fun for an afternoon to be someone else, and to not worry about your job, your work,” said Jason Ross, of Newark, who was dressed as a Jedi along with his wife, Erin, Julian Galves, donning a kilt, sword and “Braveheart”-style blue v cut ballet flats paint across his chest, said he was drawn to role-playing out of a lifelong interest in history, A history major at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, Galves said acting the part brings history to life in a way text books cannot..

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