star cat iphone case

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star cat iphone case

star cat iphone case

Effectively, this will make for a third line of chips for Intel in mobile computers. Celeron notebook processors with integrated cache memory will also come out in the first half of next year, said Robert Jecmen, vice president of the Intel architecture business group. For performance users, Intel will then follow the Celerons with a "Coppermine" chip for notebooks toward the start of the second half. Coppermine will contain the new "Katmai" instructions, which are intended to improve graphics and video. (See related story).

"This is going to be a significant segment of the mobile PC segment," Jecmen said, "In the $1,299 range, you will see mobile PCs with Celeron processors at 300 MHz.", The Coppermine chip will in fact likely debut on notebooks, Jecmen added, The Intel executive would not divulge speeds or technical details on the upcoming chips, but other sources did, The Celeron processors for notebooks will likely come out at star cat iphone case 233 MHz and faster, The Coppermine chip will run at faster than 500 MHz, according to other Intel executives, and be made on the advanced 0.18-micron production process..

The Coppermine chips will also likely contain twice the amount of integrated cache memory (256 kilobytes) found on the Celeron chips. Doubling the cache will improve processor performance, said analysts, and allow Intel to differentiate the Celeron offerings from the Pentium II machines. Other sources added that a Pentium II chip without the Katmaiinstructions but with 256K of memory, code-named Dixon, will appear in the first quarter. This evolutionary step is expected to appear first on notebooks.

Intel is also expanding its offerings for notebook graphics chips, The chipmaker will release a new 2D graphics chip based around the 0.25-micron process toward the end of the year, coming out under the Chips and Technologies brand name, according to sources close to the company, Intel is also readying a 3D mobile chip, code-named Mount Blanc, expected toward 2000, This will be the first graphics chip star cat iphone case for notebooks released under the Intel name, In other mobile developments, technology to better synchronize wireless communication devices and computers, an effort known as "Bluetooth," will begin to be implemented next year, Bluetooth aims to create technological standards so that wireless devices and PCs can connect by radio frequencies..

In addition, handheld computers based around the StrongArm processor being made by Intel are expected to come out in 1999. The company also used its Developer Conference for releasing new Mobile Power Management Guidelines. The guidelines specify recommendations for maximum power consumption for notebooks and their components. New guidelines specify separate recommendations for standard notebooks and mini-notebooks for the first time, Ziller pointed out. The new standards do not lower power consumption, he said, but show how computer vendors can accommodate higher levels of performance in the same thermal parameters.

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