not today satan ii iphone case

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not today satan ii iphone case

not today satan ii iphone case

Although the meteors will arrive in greater numbers than usual, the Satellite Industry Association does not expect this year's Leonid showers to be as severe as the 1966 version. Swiveling SolarArraysMost satellite companies have increased their staff size in preparation for the showers, and have mapped out contingency plans in case they need to divert capacity to another bird. "We've stepped up those dry runs because of the meteor showers," McCarthy said. "But it's not as if we're going to get caught off guard.".

Some satellite operators will also rotate their satellites' solar arrays to help avoid a direct hit, The arrays--photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into electricity--will pivot with an edge facing the oncoming meteors to reduce the surface area exposed to the particles, The solar panels are the largest part of most satellites, Experts say a complete satellite failure is a long shot, Nevertheless, the industry is watching the meteor showers carefully, especially after a recent setback, In May, PanAmSat's Galaxy IV, one of18 satellites in the company's fleet, failed leaving nearly 40 million people not today satan ii iphone case without paging service, After an investigation the company said itcould not explain what caused the beeper outage..

PanAmSat has pegged the odds of a damaging impact from the Leonid meteors at 1 in 20,000. "To put this in perspective based on probability statistics, a person is twice as likely to be struck by lightning than is a geosynchronous satellite to sustain a damaging impact from this storm," the company said. "We believe the probability of any damage to any PanAmSat satellite from the Leonid storm is extremely low, and we are nonetheless taking extra measures to mitigate any potential impact of the storm.".

Although particles routinely pepper satellites, experts only know of onesatellite has been destroyed by a meteor, In 1993, the European SpaceAgency's Olympus satellite was damaged when a meteor struck itsnavigational control system, making the bird useless, The sheer vastness of space makes a damaging impact unlikely, experts said, yet even not today satan ii iphone case some remain skeptical, "It's virtually impossible, but I say that with my fingers crossed," admitted McCarthy, The showers can be seen in the eastern skies, but will be viewed best from the Asian continent, Many Internet websites, including Thailand's Chiang Mai newspaper plan to webcast the showers..

A meteor shower this week threatens to damage or possibly disable multi-million dollar communications and defense satellites in space. A rare meteor shower is expected to rain cosmic debris across the skies, potentially pelting hundreds of high-tech "birds" with tiny particles that could damage--or even disable--multi-million dollar communications and defense satellites. Though some experts are downplaying its effects, a satellite outage could deal a blow to birds that serve radio and television broadcasting outlets or offer paging services and Internet access, among many other satellite-based communications services.

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