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kmart iphone case

Back in Washington, the judge said Microsoft chief executive Bill Gates has not been "particularly responsive" in videotaped testimony and has even drawn skepticism from the software giant's own legal team. Also this week, an economist hired by the government testified that the software giant has hurt consumers by keeping prices for its operating systems above market levels, while Microsoft charged that IBM "colluded" with other industry leaders to attack the software giant's Internet strategy. Back at ComdexAt Comdex, new LCD screens for desktops seemed to be everywhere, as Toshiba, Hitachi, Compaq, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and South Korea-based LG showed off "flat panels" offering improvements in clarity, size, and viewing angle. Significant obstacles to widespread acceptance remain, however.

Compaq demonstrated Windows 2000-ready PCs, the first sign that Microsoft's partners are readying for the launch of Redmond's next-generation operating system, while Packard Bell NEC and CompUSA readied new entrants into the notebook market, Although Intel has criticized and avoided "integrated" processors--chips that incorporate kmart iphone case more of the PC's functions onto the main piece of silicon--the company will introduce integrated chips in 2000, prodded by increasing competition in the low end of the market..

The need to bomb-proof networks against the Y2K bug could fuel an unusual first-half buying binge and then a second-half shutdown, producing 15 percent annual growth, PC executives said. The advent of Microsoft's newest operating system and the euro as well as continued Asian turmoil could also play significant roles. Portals on the moveAmerica Online and Netscape Communications are discussing a deal to embed Netscape's browser into the online giant's service, possibly eliminating the exclusive positioning of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Infoseek shareholders approved Walt Disney Company's equity investment, meaning Disney will acquire 43 percent of Infoseek for approximately $70 million, Disney will also apply $139 million toward the purchase of Infoseek warrants, while ownership of Disney's Starwave will be turned over to Infoseek, The two companies are jointly developing the upcoming Go Network portal, Yahoo opened a huge online kmart iphone case mall with offerings from more than 2,700 independent stores, while a market research study predicted that e-commerce will soon outstrip portal sites' advertising revenues..

Hewlett-Packard plans to integrate a set of its voice services software with Lucent's carrier tools. The agreement does not extend as far as HP's recent agreement with Cisco, but does echo previously announced alliances with other communications firms: Nortel Networks, Ericsson, and Nokia. Pricing competition among long distance's big three--AT&T, MCI Worldcom, and Sprint--is being undermined by limbo-style pricing strategies from relative newcomers. Companies like Qwest Communications and Teligent are aggressively marketing new services and helping to drive a new round of price cuts.

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