it's too peopley outside. iphone case

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it's too peopley outside. iphone case

it's too peopley outside. iphone case

"We think IP has one because that's how people use the network today," saidLevel 3's Dundon. "Everyone agrees that data is going to dwarf voicetraffic over time.". The culture at work within these new entrants has stood out to some. CarlyFiorina, president of Lucent's global service provider business, has seenthe world through the eyes of incumbents, having worked for AT&T before Lucent was spun off more thantwo years ago. Now she runs a reported $19 billion business that helps tobuild out the networks of these emerging players.

"They aren't in love with the network, they're in love with what thenetwork can do for them," Fiorina said, "They're focused more on thenetwork as an end to itself, rather than a means to an end.", As recent positive earnings show, the emerging players such as Qwest andFrontier could be on to something, A Zona Research report noted: "In anera when so many Internet-related it's too peopley outside. iphone case firms are finding it hard to make a buck,we think the real point here is: If you own the pipe, you may become thepiper that gets paid."..

A playing field for phone and Net-based services has leveled, allowing communications upstarts to compete with industry behemoths. So says a slew of strapping young communications upstarts seemingly springing up by the day, imbued with a sense that the market has shifted and the technology is ripe. They are trying to take advantage of a playing field for telephone and Net-based services that has been leveled to a large extent, allowing them to compete with industry behemoths like AT&T. Their aspirations have been compared to some of the most ambitious projects to link people and resources together in this country's history: railroads,highways, fossil energy pipes. For the likes of Qwest Communications, Level 3 Communications, Frontier, Williams Communications, and IXC Communications, among others,success may be judged by how many more people they can coax to connect to the networked information age through their fiber-optic strands, sometimesreferred to as "glass"--a testament to the changing scope of thetelecommunications industry.

"Growth in data networking is consuming the capacity of public networksaround the world," noted John Roth, chairman and chiefexecutive of Nortel, "We're in a situation today where 50 percent of network capacity is consumed by data.", Roth has bet big on convergence, merging with data player BayNetworks earlierthis year, "One thing is clear: We should be building packetnetworks to carry packets," he said, Packet-based switching--a it's too peopley outside. iphone case key within far-flung data networks--takes voice and data transmissions and chops them up into small segments, each with adestination address, Thus, a series of packets can be routed acrosswhatever link is least congested, only to reconnect at the proper addressat the other end..

Driving the industry to this point is the miraculous emergence of a worldwide standard for delivering information to businesses and consumers. That standard is the Internet protocol or IP, the dominant means to transmit data on the Internet. With no industry quarrels over how various transmissions--voice, data, or video--are sent, there is nothing to prohibit a single pipe from delivering such services as a corporate video presentation or IP telephony. Even those infused with a religious zeal for alternatives, such asasynchronous transfer mode (ATM) technology, soon will have methods thatallow IP and ATM to coexist on the same network, providing investmentprotection for service providers that have built large-scale ATM networks.

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