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iphone case box

China is Ericsson's biggest foreign market, making up about 12 percent of the company's total sales, Wiklund said. Through its joint ventures, the company serves about 45 percent of the country's GSM wireless phone market, he added. Tan said it is unlikely that officials will try to push foreign companies out of the market altogether, losing access to the outside capital and technology. "I don't believe they would act so totally," he said. "It's a very risky thing.". But the country's internal political struggles over the shape of privatization and foreign investment don't bode well for overseas companies trying to move into the market now, Tan added.

"So many things are going on there," he said, "Generally speaking, this is not a good time for investment there.", The government considers breaking up its telephone monopoly, a move that could inject a new dose of competition into China's rapidly growing market, But the timetable for iphone case box any breakup of the sprawling China Telecom company remains unclear, And while similar breakups in other developing countries have proven to be a kind of telecom buffet table for foreign firms, Chinese officials have said they want to reverse much of the overseas investment in the sector, This leaves any outside investors' role in the privatization uncertain..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. NBC chief executive Bob Wright said since advertising income alone cannot support expensive high-quality programming and data services, the industry should be careful not to price consumers out of many services. Consumers will pay much more than they do today, however, for state-of-the-art service tomorrow. Wright said he expects many customers to spend hundreds of dollars a month on cable-related services--after buying expensive next-generation television sets and set-top boxes.

"I think most services are going to come on a iphone case box pay-for basis," he said."Hopefully they [consumers] can afford a TV in five years.", Others agree the industry needs to be sensitive to pricing, "I think one of the great dangers is that the world moves almost completely over to a fee-based system," said Barry Diller, chief executive at USANetworks, NBC's Wright said that, with all the new opportunities for cable, one of the main challenges for the industry is prioritizing resources for new initiatives..

Although there are many exciting opportunities for the cable industry to leverage against its hybrid fiber optic-coaxial cable networks, companies must not lose their focus, executives said. "As we gather here this week full of confidence, eager to seize leadershipin television and telecommunications, now is the time to temper our enthusiasm and maintain our focus and perspective," Anstrom said."Excessive self-confidence can bring us down faster than a cable modem can download the Starr report.".

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