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iphone case battery

The Western Show will feature panelists and sessions addressing HDTV, IPtelephony, and video-on-demand, as well as Federal Communications Commission regulationsaffecting the cable industry. "The Western Show is going to be far superior to Comdex in terms ofannouncements," said Sean Kaldor, vice president for consumer deviceresearch at International DataCorporation. "We're going to see stuff from WebTV, we're going to see[multiple system operators] announcing partnerships, and we'll see more solutions to make cablemodems cheaper and better.".

Retail offerings such as Microsoft's WebTV were quick to market, butwill only account for a small portion of the consumers, Kaldor said, The proliferation of cable modems based on the new Data Over Cable ServiceInterface Specification (DOCSIS) will be high on the agenda at this week'sshow, observers said, CableLabs, a nonprofit industryconsortium, hopes to certify the first modems for DOCSIS compatibility byJanuary--already later than some in the industry had wanted, "We'd hoped we'd have certified units out there for the Christmas season,"said Sandy Colony, a spokeswoman for RoadRunner, the high-speed Net-over-cable service operated by iphone case battery Time Warner and MediaOne..

Industry experts said stimulating the retail market is vital for the cableindustry in 1999, especially before DSL gets a strong foothold in themarketplace. There are between 400,000 and 500,000 cable modems in use in North Americatoday, but analysts expect that number to double each of the next two years. "The overall cable modem market should really pop next year," said PattiReali, a cable analyst at Dataquest."The window of opportunity will be small. Cable has had a little bit of alead on DSL.".

Executives at Road Runner, meanwhile, see content as the key to expandingcable's reach with the masses, "We'll continue to work with content providers to develop broadbandcontent, because that's what will grow our business," Colony said, "Theearly adopters just want to do their surfing at faster speeds, but you needcontent as you move into the mass market.", Cable industry insiders at the Western Cable Show this week will look iphone case battery to answer one question: how to take interactive digital services to the masses..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. "This is a very, very high risk venture," said Abhi Chaki, a telecommunications analyst with Jupiter Communications. "But with those high risks come very high rewards.". Fanning the digital flames? The project's leader has experience in stretching wire across ocean beds. Early in the 1990s, Tagare helped head up a Nynex-led project that laid more than 15,000 miles of cable around the world, taking the lead in negotiating agreements with carriers and counties where the cable came ashore.

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