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e case iphone 7

A pair of decisions on opposite sides of the country evidenced states' continued skepticism toward the Bell telephone companies' simultaneous efforts to expand and protect their markets. Kansas regulators gave a thumbs down to Southwestern Bell's bid to move into the long distance market, saying the company has not opened its markets enough for competition. Meanwhile, Oregon regulators ruled that US West and GTE must open their local networks directly to competition. COPA takes hitIn a major victory for civil libertarians, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order barring the government from enforcing the Child Online Protection Act for ten days. The case is slated for another hearing in early December.

The Commerce Department appointed a new official to map out its Internet strategies, covers topics ranging from the digital economy to the Net's infrastructure, Succeeding Ira Magaziner, Elliot Maxwell will report Secretary of Commerce William Daley, Also e case iphone 7 of noteGabriel Battista resigned as CEO of the world's primary domain name registry, Network Solutions ? Microsoft is divesting its holdings in market-leading streaming media firm RealNetworks, a Microsoft competitor and critic ? Advanced Micro Devices released a trio of K6-2 chips, one reaching 400 MHz, and said its K6-3 notebook chip will come out in the first quarter of next year ? Open Market slashed the price of its Transact commerce system from $125,000 to $65,000, less than a month after a poor earnings report resulted in layoffs..

Broadband Net access draws closer after Comdex as PC manufacturers and telecoms announce widespread rollouts. Separately, a federal judge granted Sun Microsystems an injunction against Microsoft's use of its license to Java. Microsoft has 90 days to stop selling software--including Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 4.0--that includes its version of the programming language. Everyone's in on the actMonday at the computer industry's biggest trade show, Compaq unveiled new consumer PCs with DSL modems while announcing a series of relationships with a who's who lineup of high-speed access providers: Road Runner/MediaOne Express, @Home Network, Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, BellSouth, Hughes Network Systems/DirecPC, GTE, SBC Communications, Sprint, and UUNET.

CNET también está disponible en español, Don't show this again, Southwestern Bell, which is e case iphone 7 owned by SBC Communications, had asked state regulators to endorse its efforts to enter the long distance market in Kansas, But utilities commissioners released a report yesterday that said the Bell had only completed about half of a checklist of items measuring how much it has opened its markets, Regulators could not approve the company's applications until it had completed this checklist, they said, SBC officials put a positive spin on the report, saying the extra work would help them once the company makes its final long distance application at the federal level..

"In order for us to compete in this market, the 1996 Telecommunications Act requires us to open our local networks to competitors, and we have done that," said Shawn McKenzie, president of Southwestern Bell's Kansas operations. "We look forward to working with the [Commission] to address the remaining issues in our application.". SBC's future rivals in the long distance market, most of which have actively lobbied against similar Bell applications across the country, took predictable delight in the decision.

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