celestial mosaic sun and moon iphone case

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celestial mosaic sun and moon iphone case

celestial mosaic sun and moon iphone case

By saving some improvements for the Galaxy Note 9 -- or further refining the changes Samsung made with the S9 phones -- the company not only has an opportunity to course-correct, it can also unquestionably distinguish the pricey, large-screen Note 9 from the large-screen Galaxy S9 Plus, while also building excitement for the Galaxy Note as Samsung's "best" phone. Here's how the Galaxy Note 9 can outdo the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Intelligent Scan is a new way to unlock your phone on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, using the contours of your face. It works by combining face unlock and iris scanning, both found on the Galaxy S8.

The main problem here is that face unlock isn't secure enough for mobile payments (although iris scanning is), and integrating an insecure element renders all of Intelligent Scan fundamentally insecure, This makes me wonder why it even exists, Samsung cites ultimate convenience; in case face unlock celestial mosaic sun and moon iphone case fails the first time (like if your environment is too dark), iris scan can immediately take over, As far as I'm concerned, that's not good enough, and it just leaves Intelligent Scan feeling like a poor attempt to counter the iPhone X's Face ID, which is considered secure enough to validate mobile payments..

Samsung could change all this with the Galaxy Note 9. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip inside is powerful enough to map a person's facial features with up to 50,000 dots of infrared light. For reference, the iPhone X uses 30,000 dots, and more dots should theoretically be more secure. By the time the Galaxy Note 9 rolls around, we hope Samsung engineers will have had enough time to augment iris scanning with a similar 3D face-mapping option. We've heard whispers of a Galaxy phone with a fingerprint reader built into the display since the Galaxy Note 8 rumors first began.

Chinese phonemaker Vivo got there first, even improving the idea with a concept phone that can read your fingerprint from more than one angle and scan a pair of prints, The technology is clearly in the works, and would give phone celestial mosaic sun and moon iphone case owners the convenience of unlocking the screen and paying for goods without having to lift the phone or worry if poor lighting would ruin a scan, Once a Bixby button, always a Bixby button?, A customizable Bixby button is never going to happen, but we can dream, The physical key on the left spine opens Samsung's Bixby Voice app, and nothing else..

If you never use Bixby, that's a wasted button just waiting to be accidentally pressed and then cursed at. If Samsung were to change this and give phone owners choice over what the button opened, phone owners would have a really cool flexible feature that only a few other devices have. In fact, before Bixby arrived, Samsung's Galaxy S7 Active phones and earlier versions let you do just that with their hot key (the button opened a health and activity hub by default). Unfortunately for us, Samsung made it clear that Bixby is the company's unifying ecosystem of the future, one that'll control all Samsung-made devices, TVs and appliances just like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple's Siri.

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