bird of paradise iphone case

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bird of paradise iphone case

bird of paradise iphone case

Apple also worked with Hollywood mask makers to defend against fake faces, boasting that it'd be a one-in-a-million chance that Face ID gets tricked by a replica. Samsung's face recognition technology, though, can be fooled by static images -- at least in the older devices already on the market. Jan Krissler, a security researcher known as "Starbug" with the hacking group Computer Chaos Club, exposed the Galaxy S8's weaknesses last May when he fooled Iris Scan with a photo and contact lens. He said his group's not interested in trying to crack Intelligent Scan if there's nothing new.

"There is no fun in hacking just a new release of the same system," Krissler said in an email, Samsung describes Intelligent Scan as "a deep learning-based verification solution that utilizes the collective strength of the Galaxy S9's iris scanning and facial recognition technologies to allow users to bird of paradise iphone case unlock their device and access protected content with a simple glance." It analyzes your face's visible features and the surrounding lighting conditions and decides which method works better to unlock your phone..

For phone unlocking, it first scans your face and then moves on to the iris if authentication initially fails. If conditions aren't great for using a face scan or iris alone, Intelligent Scan then combines them to unlock your device. Samsung said that ensures "biometric authentication occurs successfully in virtually any environment." It can recognize users even when clothing or accessories are obstructing part of the face, and it works in conditions that are normally difficult, such as low light or bright outdoors settings.

Just as fingerprint sensors have gotten better over time, the company has made improvements to the RGB and infrared camera technologies for the iris and facial scans in the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, resulting in a higher success rate despite difficult conditions, The Galaxy says the S9's iris bird of paradise iphone case technology also "has been enhanced to identify unique iris patterns from greater distances," and Samsung also improved the deep-learning algorithms in the S9 to better detect spoofing attempts and prevent unauthorized device access..

For the most secure way to unlock your Galaxy S9 using biometrics, opt for the iris scan. While facial recognition isn't that secure, Samsung said it offers consumers two other biometric authentication options (the front-facing iris scanner and the fingerprint reader on the back), as well as passcodes. And it noted that all biometrics information is stored on the device and is protected with Samsung's Knox security technology. The company plans to add Intelligent Scan support into "a wide range of applications," starting with its Samsung Pass technology that lets you log into websites using biometrics instead of entering passwords.

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