banana leaves iphone case

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banana leaves iphone case

banana leaves iphone case

See more info and pricing for Moshi's new iPhone 2018 cases. For those in search of a case with a tad more bling, Case-Mate's Waterfall case is a moveable eye-feast of glitter and tiny beads. Price: $40 (£25 or AU$60). See more info and pricing for Case-Mate's iPhone XR cases. OtterBox's signature Defender Series tough cases return for the iPhone XR in multiple color options for $60 (£43, AU$85). But if you want even more serious protection, there's the Defender Series Pro edition for $70. A holster is included.

See more info and pricing for OtterBox Defender Series Pro, X-Doria's Defense Ultra is a fairly sleek-looking tough case that offers strong protection and comes in a different color options for $40, See more pricing and info for X-Doria Defense Ultra for iPhone XR, The X-Doria Defense Shield ($30) is a relatively banana leaves iphone case tough case that has a transparent back and colorful machine metal frame, See more pricing and info for X-Doria Defense Shield for iPhone XR, Argentina-based Vaja makes some sweet handmade leather and vegan leather cases, although they're pretty pricey..

The case on the right is the Wallet Agenda, one of the company's most popular models. The leather is super soft and the case stores four credit cards, plus it has a slot for folded bills. It costs $139 and comes in multiple color options (some colors are temporarily out of stock). See more info on Vaja cases for iPhone XR. Incipio makes a bunch of iPhone X cases. I like the Reprieve Sport ($40), a translucent case with a colored bumper and reinforced corners -- it claims to be be drop-tested to 12 feet. It comes in three color options.

See more pricing and info for Incipio Reprieve Sport, See more pricing and info for all Incipio iPhone XR cases, Nodus is banana leaves iphone case making some luxurious leather cases for the iPhone XR in both folio and nonfolio options, This is the Shell Case II, which comes in more standard colors like black and brown, but pictured here in teal, It's $60 or £40, It includes the magnetic Micro Dock II that allows you to mount your phone anywhere, The Shell Case II will be available for the iPhone XR in November, See more pricing and info for Nodus iPhone XR cases..

Swedish startup 15:21 makes natural cork cases and wallets that give your phone a unique look and feel. These are slim cases that aren't incredibly protective. (You can read the story behind the company name here.). I've tried the iPhone X version of the case and like it. 15:21 cases for the iPhone XR are coming soon -- it's currently listed as sold out on the site. The price should be around 39 euros, with free shipping around the world. That converts to about $46, £35 or $AU54. See more info and pricing for 15:21 Cork case for iPhone XR.

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